Most fun online games

There are several online games that can keep a gamer up to the wee hours of the morning. Here are some of the most fun online games that you can find in the Internet today:

Most Fun Online Game # 1 - Filler

This is a very simple yet entertaining game. It is a cross between a strategy game and a puzzle game. The game involves a ball whose size you control by clicking the mouse. When you click the mouse, you are making the ball grow and when you stop doing so, the ball also stops growing. The point of the game is to allow your ball to cover two thirds of the screen before losing your lives. And it comes with a challenge, little balls bounce on the screen together with your growing ball. If a bouncing ball hits your ball while it is growing, it will pop. However, if a bouncy ball hits your ball when it has stopped growing, it cannot be popped.

The technique to succeed in Filler is to make your balls as large as possible thereby trapping the annoying little bouncy balls.

Most Fun Online Game # 2 - The Impossible Quiz

As the name has it, this game is for the smarty pants out there. If you want to prove your skills, you can try playing this game with your friends. This game consists of many different trick questions which require a lot of thinking on your part. You are given three lives for the entire game. Each time you get a question wrong, you lose one life. The questions are made to be clever not easy so you have to be careful when answering.

There are also tricks added to this game. For example, if you get a number of succeeding questions right, you have the chance of skipping a difficult question. Also, you might be given a time bomb wherein you have to give the correct answer before the bomb explodes.

Most Fun Online Game # 3 - Snowman Salvage

If itís snowing outside, why not get the fun you deserve inside while playing Snowman Salvage. This is a game of both speed and strategy. The concept of the game is that you have to build a snowman and have it live for 30 seconds to earn points. If a red exclamation mark appears above the snowman you are building, then it is an indication that your snowman is melting and you need to add more snow.

For every level, you are tasked to make a specified number of snowmen. After every level you complete, you can choose to modify your game by increasing the snowball size or the number of snow falling. You can also choose to carry more snow or have more baddies to challenge your game. Baddies are the bulldozers that threaten to kill your snowmen. To kill baddies, you just have to click on them before they reach any of your snowmen.

Most Fun Online Game # 4 - Mad Virus

Mad Virus is a thinking game. The point of the game is that you have to spread the virus across the board. But you have to do it by color, which means that you can only spread the virus if it is right next to a square that is of the same color. Yes, this may be a pretty easy game to play but you also have to think because you just canít click on any square. Aside from this, you are also playing against a clock and you are limited to a maximum number of clicks to spread the virus.

Each level gets harder because more colors are introduced to the board which requires you to think more. The game has a jolly music to accompany the challenge.

Most Fun Online Game # 5 - Rome Puzzle

This is strategy game which requires focus. Rome Puzzle is similar to Bejeweled. You just have to match three or more symbols to get them off the board. However, you can only swap two squares at one time. Since the symbols on the board have different points, matching 4 or 5 symbols allows you to earn more points. Rome Puzzle is played against the clock and you have to earn a certain number points before moving on to the next level.

Depending on the number of points earned per level, you are given time to buy supplies to build your village. Rome Puzzle is an easy game to play but if ever you find yourself facing a blank wall, donít worry, the game will give you tips on the places where you can find a match.

These are some of the most fun games out in the Internet today. Beat stress, relax awhile, and play these games on your PC.